Changes to visiting guidance

3rd July 2020
Changes to visiting guidance

The Department of Health recently published revised guidance for people visiting their loved ones in hospitals and care homes, while balancing the ongoing risk from Covid-19.

To arrange a visit we ask you to contact the Nurse in Charge. All visits will be restricted to a maximum of 1 hour.

Decisions on allowing visitors will now be made on a day to day basis, by the nurse in charge in hospitals, or by the manager in care homes, and will depend on the ability to ensure social distancing and safety of patients, clients, staff and visitors.

To ensure the safety of patients and our staff, visiting may not always be permitted.

All visitors to hospitals and care homes are now also required to wear a face covering.

To ensure the safety of our patients, clients and staff we ask all visitors to follow public health hygiene advice – washing hands before and after visits, using hand sanitiser gel and maintain social distancing.

Anyone showing or experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infection should not visit, even if these symptoms are mild and unconfirmed.

You can read more about the Health Minister’s announcement here.

Mindful of its duty to make reasonable adjustments, the Trust recognises that there are some exemptions to use of face masks for those with certain health conditions and disabled people.

Visiting guidance translations

This visiting guidance is available to download in the following languages:

Hospital visiting guidance

Changes to hospital visiting guidance

Care home visiting guidance
Changes to visiting care homes
Maternity visiting guidance

Maternity Visiting guidance