Detecting skin cancer

Get to know your skin – look out for any changes – If you notice any moles or patches of normal skin that has changed in size and colour – check it out with your doctor. The ABCD rule can help guide you in what to look for:

  • Asymmetry – The two halves of a melanoma may not look the same
  • Border – Edges of a melanoma are often jagged or irregular
  • Colour – The colour of a melanoma may be uneven- not a uniform shade.
  • Diameter – Usually at least 6mm
Know your risk to developing Skin Cancer

People most at risk of developing Skin Cancer might have:

  • Fair skin and tend to burn easily
  • Naturally Red or Fair hair colour
  • Lots of moles or freckles
  • A family history of Skin Cancer
  • Had Skin Cancer previously
  • Been sunburnet in the past.