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Financial activity

Annual Report and Annual Accounts

The Trust must be fully accountable for its financial activities. To ensure this, we are required to publish a set of annual accounts which describe in detail the financial performance of the Trust for a particular year. Also published is an Annual Report which provides summary financial information, but also a detailed description of how the Trust has performed overall for the year in question.

Copies of these documents are available in our publications section.

In order to manage our finances, a financial budget is produced on an annual basis and approved by the Trust Board. We also need to monitor our financial performance during the year.

Quarterly Financial Reports

A Finance Report is presented regularly to the Trust Board providing an update on progress against the Trust’s financial targets and identifying where there is a risk of the targets not being met. A summary of financial performance is also included in the Trust’s quarterly High Level Performance Report which is presented to the Trust Board.

Copies of the Finance Reports and High Level Performance Reports can be requested from the Trust Board secretary.

Standing Orders

To ensure that our finances are managed effectively the Trust Board have approved Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions for the organisation which are in line with nationally approved models.

These outline the processes by which we manage our finances and also outlines who is authorised to do what.

Financial Auditing

Our external and internal auditors review the way we manage our financial systems. They report to our Audit Committee.

Register of gifts and hospitality

We regularly publish details of any gifts received, hospitality given or travel covered for our Executive Team.

View the register of gifts.

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