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Continuity of Midwifery Carer

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Continuity of Midwifery Carer provides women with care from the same midwife or small team of midwives during their pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period with referral to specialist obstetric care as needed.

The service involves the co-ordination and provision of maternity care by a named midwife, enabling the development of a trusting relationship between mother and midwife, built over time. Continuity of Midwifery Carer facilitates effective personalised care, improving women’s experiences and perceptions of the quality of their care.

Women within this service meet their named midwife at their antenatal booking. This midwife will be responsible for planning and providing care throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period to include any specialist Obstetric input. The Continuity of Midwifery Carer Team provide 24/7 availability for labour and birth and support women in all birth choice settings including home birth provision.

Click on the headings below to read about the benefits of the Continuity of Midwifery Carer programme.

  • Trusting relationships

    You will be given a named midwife, who you will meet at your booking appointment. This midwife will be responsible for planning and providing your care throughout your pregnancy journey.

  • Personalised care tailored to you

    You will have a regular schedule of appointments with your named midwife, or a member of your Continuity of Midwifery Carer Team.

    These can be flexible and arranged to suit both you and your midwife.

  • Individualised birth preparation

    You will have a chance to meet all the midwives in your Continuity of Midwifery Carer Team during your ‘meet the midwife sessions’ that will focus on birth preparation including antenatal education and infant feeding.

  • Known midwife in labour

    Your Continuity of Midwifery Carer Team will provide 24/7 on-call support for labour and birth.

    Your midwife will support you in all birth settings including home, free standing or alongside midwifery-led unit and Obstetric Unit

  • Complementary Therapy

    Some midwives within our team are trained in complementary therapies which may be offered to support you during pregnancy and birth.

    These include reflexology, hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga.

If you would like further information please email the Continuity of Midwifery Carer midwives

What is Continuity of Midwifery Carer?
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