Muckamore Abbey Hospital

Muckamore Abbey Hospital provides inpatient assessment and treatment facilities for people with severe learning disabilities and mental health needs, forensic needs or challenging behaviour.

Patients admitted to Muckamore are usually aged 18 and over. Children and young people aged under 18 may be admitted to the Iveagh Centre.

Inpatient assessment and treatment

Cranfield provides assessment and treatment planning for people with a learning disability and additional mental disorder. Inpatients at Cranfield cannot be effectively assessed or treated in the community.

A full range of services are available at Cranfield, including:

  • psychiatry
  • nursing
  • social work
  • psychology
  • day services
  • behavioural support
  • allied health professions

The team at Cranfield works closely with families, carers and community staff to ensure patients are discharged as soon as possible.

Patients who require further treatment may transfer to either:

  • Killead for enduring mental illness treatment
  • Donegore for challenging behaviour treatment

Forensic services

Sixmile provides assessment and treatment services for men with a learning disability. Some of these men have been referred by the criminal justice system to benefit from a healthcare environment.

The services offered include forensic psychology and psychiatry. 

Day and therapeutic services

All patients in Muckamore Abbey Hospital benefit from a comprehensive therapeutic, vocational and leisure programme.

The hospital provides:

  • a swimming pool
  • an aromatherapist
  • sessions from art and music therapists

We offer a variety of individual and group therapeutic services, including:

  • anger management
  • personal relationships training
  • specialist work

How to access the service

The majority of people admitted to Muckamore are detained under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order. This means they have a severe learning disability and mental health, forensic or challenging behaviour needs as defined by the law.

Referrals can also be made by GPs and consultant psychiatrists.