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How the Trust is structured

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Belfast Trust is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the Trust’s activities. The Trust Board is accountable to the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health and the Health Minister.

The board is made up of:

  • a Chairperson
  • seven non-Executive Directors
  • five Executive Directors
  • seven other Directors

The Department of Health appoints non-executive directors, with the approval of the Health Minister.

Board of Directors meetings

The Trust Board meets approximately six times a year and anyone can attend these meetings. The Trust Board has strategic control over the organisation through a system of corporate governance, which includes:

  • a schedule of matters reserved for Board decisions
  • a scheme of delegation, which delegates decision-making authority within set parameters to the Chief Executive and other officers
  • standing orders and standing financial instructions – an Audit Committee and an Assurance Committee have also been established
Assurance Framework

The Assurance Framework of the Trust sets out the committee structures for clinical and social care governance and risk management. It provides the structure by which Trust Board responsibilities are fulfilled.