Work experience and placements

  • Work experience programme (16 to 18 year olds)

    We provide a work experience programme for 16 to 18 year olds to help them make decisions about their academic and career choices. If you are interested in gaining work experience with us, visit the Work Inspiration website for Belfast Trust.

    We agree to as many work experience requests as possible. However, demand can be high in certain areas.

    For careers teachers

    If you are a careers teacher and want to find out more about Work Inspiration, go to the Work Inspiration website.

  • Placements

    We also offer adult placement opportunities to help people enhance their career, do research or develop themselves. People on placements do not receive payment from Belfast Trust.

    How to apply

    If you wish to apply for an unpaid development placement, please contact the relevant service area to discuss your request. If the placement can be arranged, you will be asked to complete a placement agreement pack and submit it to the service manager. You may need to submit specific documentation relevant to the placement.

    For some placements, it may be necessary to carry out an Access NI or police check before the placement agreement is issued.

    We agree to as many placement requests as possible. However, demand can be high in certain areas. You can download our Placement Activity Policy.

  • Elective placements for medical students

    Undergraduate students currently studying medicine in the UK or Ireland are welcome to apply for an elective within the Belfast Trust for summer 2022. Before applying for an elective placement with the Belfast Trust please ensure you refer to the elective policy below.

    Applications for summer 2022 will only be accepted from 1 October 2021 until 31 December 2021. Applications received outside these dates will not be considered. The Belfast Trust has a limit of 50 applications, once this has been exceeded, no further applications can be accepted.

    NB: The maximum placement period offered by Belfast Trust is four weeks.

    *Please be aware that all placements are subject to cancellation at short notice due to COVID -19 restrictions.

    Download information:

    For more information regarding medical student elective placements only – please contact: