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Antenatal education

Introduction to antenatal education
Journey to Parenthood programme
Other courses (including translations)
One-to-one sessions
Twins and multiple births
Breastfeeding workshop
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Introduction to antenatal education

Antenatal education sessions help you make informed choices about your pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as promoting confidence in parenting skills. It gives you the opportunity to think about the relationship with your developing baby during pregnancy and in the early weeks, months and years of life.

At booking, all first-time expectant mothers will be offered the Journey to Parenthood programme. This is delivered on Microsoft Teams by our midwives.

All mothers who wish to take part will automatically be invited to these sessions via email at around 25 weeks of pregnancy.

There will be a choice of dates and times and you can choose what suits you best. The sessions usually run for three consecutive weeks.

Any women who are not having their first baby can still request to take part. Email: and include your due date.

Journey to Parenthood programme  Journey to Parenthood logo

Journey to Parenthood promotes:

  • a strong foundation for secure attachment
  • positive mental health for both parents and baby
  • a strong focus on baby brain development

Session one: Getting to know your baby

  • Recognise and understand your own feelings
  • Think about who and what can support you
  • Getting to know your baby in the womb
  • DVD – the baby brain
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

Session two: Supporting you through labour and birth

  • What will you, your partner and your baby be experiencing?
  • Signs and stages of labour
  • Instrumental delivery / caesarean section / going to theatre
  • Support and pain relief in labour
  • Active birth positions
  • Relaxation and breathing

Session three: Feeding and caring for your baby

  • Feeding and holding your baby
  • Nappy changing and bathing your baby
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Car safety
  • Baby blues / postnatal depression
  • DVD – the first years last forever
  • Relaxation and breathing

Other courses (including translations)

If the Journey to Parenthood programme does not suit you or if your first language is not English, you can take part in Public Health Agency (PHA) online courses. These can be translated into most languages and can be accessed at a time convenient for you.

You can access these courses by visiting the Our Place website and using the code NIBABIES.

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one antenatal sessions can be arranged if none of the options above are suitable for you.

Twins and multiple births

This session runs four times per year and is in addition to the two antenatal programmes above.

Breastfeeding workshop

Please email: if you wish to take part in the breastfeeding workshop.

If you have any further questions, please email the education team on: or alternatively ring: 028 9504 4909.

Useful links

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Our Place website
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