Private fertility treatments

Private treatment waiting list
Storage of embryos or sperm for further treatment
Private health insurance

Private treatment waiting list

You may choose to have private fertility treatment in the Regional Fertility Centre.

Private fertility treatments resumed in September 2021, with 10 treatments provided each month.

You will be sent an offer of treatment when your name reaches the top of the private treatment waiting list. If the date offered is not suitable, it can be deferred once for a maximum of three months.

The table below shows the current estimated waiting times for privately funded IVF and ICSI treatments.

Month added to private list Treated by end of month (estimate)
January 2020 September 2021
February 2020 October 2021
March 2020 November 2021
April 2020 December 2021
May 2020 January to April 2022
June 2020 May 2022
July 2020 May 2022
August 2020 May 2022
September 2020 June 2022
October 2020 July 2022
November 2020 July 2022
December 2020 August 2022
January 2021 August 2022
February 2021 September 2022
March 2021 October 2022
April 2021 November 2022
May 2021 December 2022
June 2021 December 2022

Storage of embryos or sperm for further treatment

If you wish to continue storage beyond two years, a fee is charged annually in advance.

Private health insurance

Before making a request for paperwork to support an insurance claim, please check that your health insurance covers fertility treatment.

Costs for private treatment are invoiced by two methods (separate receipts will be issued):

  • Trust invoice for all aspects of the treatment – this includes all scans, the egg collection and embryo transfer, and a review consultation following treatment (in the Regional Fertility Centre) or a pregnancy scan. A Trust invoice is also issued for drugs. Screening blood tests and hormone blood tests required before treatment are charged separately. Our price list provides details of all costs.
  • Consultant’s medical fee invoice, which is issued by administration staff on behalf of the patient’s consultant.

Private treatment costs are bundled as a package. This means you are not charged additional costs for any extra scans or blood tests you may require during treatment. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a detailed breakdown of treatment packages.

Additional drugs are charged and paid for as and when required.

If you are going ahead with a health insurance claim, the relevant claim forms must be provided to the administration team.