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Monkeypox information

Since May 2022, cases of monkeypox have been reported in multiple countries across Europe. In the UK, all reported cases have been identified as the West African clade through rapid molecular testing.

Community transmission is occurring in the UK with multiple generations of spread. Illness appears to be generally mild, consistent with other information about the West African clade.

Checking for symptoms

1. Have you an unexplained rash or had a rash within the last 21 days that has crusted over?​ 

If you answer yes to question 1 and yes to either or both of questions 2 and 3, you should first contact the Maternity Assessment Unit on 028 9615 0596 for advice.

2. Have you had contact with a confirmed or probable case of monkeypox infection within the last 21 days?

3. Have you recently travelled from Central or West Africa?

Current advice

If there is any possibility of you being at risk of monkeypox, we strongly advise you not to present to the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service (RJMS) or any healthcare setting. Please contact the Maternity Assessment Unit for advice: 028 9615 0596.

If you need to attend the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service for another maternity-related concern, please let us know of any monkeypox symptoms you may have.


Any information you provide will only be shared with healthcare professionals who may be involved in your care.

However – as this is a public health matter – if you test positive, contact tracing will have to take place.