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What we do
Information for pregnant women and those who have given birth in the last six weeks
Midwife-led care update
Downloads on Covid-19 and pregnancy
Videos on Covid-19 and pregnancy
Latest visiting guidance
Pregnancy concerns

What we do


Our maternity services provide complete maternity care to more than 6,000 mothers each year.

We use different models of care, which allows us to support women with a low risk of complications as well as women with complex care needs and associated medical conditions.

Our care is provided in a range of locations by a multi-disciplinary team of:

  • midwives
  • obstetricians
  • physicians
  • radiographers
  • support staff

Information for pregnant women and those who have given birth in the last six weeks

The two videos below and this letter provide important information you should be aware of.

The video ‘Information letter for pregnant or recently delivered women in Belfast’ talks you through the details of the letter.

The other video ‘How to self-administer enoxaparin’ is for women with risk factors and who would benefit from blood thinning injections.


Midwife-led care update

Download the latest information on midwife-led care at the Active Birth Centre.

You can find out more about the Active Birth Centre here.

Covid-19 update: 21 July 2021
Downloads on Covid-19 and pregnancy

Download our quick guide to Covid-19 vaccination and pregnancy.

Download our key advice for pregnant women during the pandemic.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) also has a guide to Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy.

Download the Public Health Agency’s guide for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (translations available).

Videos on Covid-19 and pregnancy


Latest visiting guidance

The latest visiting guidance for maternity services is available to download here.

Pregnancy concerns

If you have any concerns about your baby at any stage of your pregnancy, whether you are Covid-19 positive or not, you should get advice as soon as possible by calling either:

Do not wait until the next day.

Our services

Find out about the different maternity services we deliver, both midwife-led and consultant-led care.

Pregnancy journey

We will be there for you from the start of your pregnancy journey until your baby’s birth and beyond.

Supporting you

We have a wide range of support services available to ensure you get the help you need in any situation.

Location of services

Maternity services are delivered across two sites. Find out about both facilities to help you decide.


Download helpful resources like ‘The Pregnancy Book’ and ‘Birth to Five’ to help you along the way.

Contact us

We are always available to help and support you. Our various contact details will be kept up to date here.