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Executive Team

In addition to the Chief Executive Cathy Jack, the following people are part of the Trusts Executive team:

Deputy Chief Executive and Director Covid Oversight, Neurosciences, Imaging, Medical Physics and Allied Health Professionals

Bernie Owens

Bernie is Deputy Chief Executive for Belfast Trust.  She is Director lead for the Covid vaccination programme, and for the Neurology recall of patients. Bernie is also overseeing the transition of residents from Muckamore Abbey Hospital (MAH) to enable them to live with support and care in the community to have ordinary lives as valued members of their communities.

Bernie was appointed as a Director  in the Trust from November 2013 and has held a number of portfolios including Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Theatres & Sterile Services, Emergency Departments, Medical and Cardiology services, Neurosciences and Imaging, Medical Physics, Allied Health Professionals and GP Out of Hours service.

Bernie is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) having trained in Royal Victoria Hospital specialising in operating department nursing.


Director of Human Resources

Jacqui Kennedy

Jacqui previously held the position of Co-Director of Human Resources in the Trust with responsibility for Recruitment, Pay & Conditions, Pay Modernisation, Health and Wellbeing, Attendance Management, Equality, Medical HR and Employment Law. Prior to that Jacqui held a number of senior HR posts in the Business Services Organisation and the Royal Group of Hospitals. Jacqui began her career in the private sector and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


Medical Director

Chris Hagan

Chris took up post as Medical Director in 2020. Chris has occupied a number of senior leadership roles in the Trust including Chair of Division and Deputy Medical Director.

Chris is from Belfast and graduated from Manchester University in 1990. He completed post-graduate training in Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin and was appointed as Consultant Uro-oncology and Renal Transplant Surgeon in 2004 in Belfast. He has always been focused on patient safety and improving outcomes for patients in Northern Ireland.


Interim Executive Director of Social Work

Tracy Reid


Interim Director of Children’s Community Services

Kerrylee Weatherall

Kerrylee took up post as the Interim Director of Children’s Community Services in August 2022, with responsibility for Child Heatlh, Early Intervention & Safeguarding and Corporate Parenting & RESWS.  Kerrylee previously held the post of Co Director for Corporate Parenting and Regional Emergency Social Work Service (RESWS).

She has worked in the NHS since 1997 and has held a number of Senior Management positions across Children’s Community Services.


Interim Director Mental Health, Intellectual Disability & Psychological Services

Moira Kearney

Previously, Moira was Co-Director for Child Health and Northern Ireland Specialist Transport and Retrieval (NiSTAR) Services from 2017 and Interim Co-Director and Associate Director of Nursing for Trauma, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation one year prior to this.  Moira has worked in the NHS for over 30 years.


Director of Adult Community and Older Peoples Services and Allied Health Professionals

Gillian Traub

Gillian took up post as Interim Director for the former Directorate of Adult, Social and Primary Care Services in June 2020 with responsibility for learning disability services, psychological services and adult community services. In August 2021, Gillian was appointed permanently as Director for the Directorate of Adult Community and Older Peoples Services and Allied Health Professionals.

Gillian previously held the post of Co-Director for Cancer and Specialist Medicine in the Trust for five years and prior to that held a number of senior management positions in the NHS in both Northern Ireland and England. After studying law at university, Gillian started her NHS career as an NHS Graduate Management Trainee in England and has worked in the NHS for over twenty years.


Director of Cancer & Specialist Services

Caroline Leonard



Director of Nursing, User Experience and Allied Health Professionals

Brenda Creaney

Brenda has been Director of Nursing and User Experience since January 2010. She is responsible for Nursing and User Experience within the Trust, she is the lead director for Infection Prevention and Control and Professional lead for Allied Health Professionals.

Brenda trained as an adult nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital from 1984 before moving to London in 1989 where trained as a children’s nurse at the Westminster Children’s Hospital. After qualifying she undertook a range of roles in Neonatal and Children’s Services at Westminster Children’s Hospital, the Royal London Hospital and the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Brenda returned to Northern Ireland in 2000 to the Royal Group of Hospitals working as a Directorate Manager in both Royal Victoria Hospital and Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and was appointed Co Director for Child Health in the newly formed Belfast Trust in 2007 prior to commencement of her current post.


Director of Performance, Planning & Informatics

Alastair Campbell



Director Unscheduled Care Services

Dr Brian Armstrong 

Brian took up post as Director of Unscheduled Care on 14th October 2019. He is responsible for the Adult Emergency Departments, and several Acute & Regional Medicine Specialties.

Brian in recent years has been Co-Director for Unscheduled / Acute Care and Co-Director for Surgery and has over 31 years’ experience in NHS management.


Director of Finance, Estates & Capital Development

Maureen Edwards

Maureen has been the Director of Finance, Estates and Capital Development in Belfast Trust since February 2017. Alongside dealing with the significant financial challenges facing a £1.9bn Trust, she is the SRO for the Trust’s major capital schemes including a new regional children’s hospital for Northern Ireland.

Maureen began her career as a graduate finance trainee in Wales. Having worked in various organisations in the NHS, she returned home in 1999 and has held a number of posts in health and social care including Director of Finance in the Royal Hospitals prior to the amalgamation of the six Belfast acute and community Trusts into the Belfast Trust in 2007 and co-director of finance in the Belfast Trust between 2007 and 2017.


Director Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Theatres, Sterile Services and Surgery

Janet Johnson

Janet took up post as Interim Director in 2020, responsible for Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Theatres and Sterile Services (ACCTSS) and Surgery.


Interim Director of Child Health & NISTAR services / Out Patients, Imaging & Medical Physics

Paula Cahalan

Paula took up post as the Interim Director of Child Health & NISTAR services on 16 August 2021 and also took over responsibility for Out Patients, Imaging and Medical Physics on 01 May 2022. Paula was previously the Co-Director and Professional Lead for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in the Trust and is a qualified Dietitian / AHP. She has over 30 years’ experience in Health and Social Care, working with teams across all age ranges and specialties in both acute and community services.


Interim Director for Trauma, Orthopaedics, Rehab Services and Maternity, Dental, Gynae and Sexual Health

Heather Jackson

Heather took up post as Interim Director for Trauma, Orthopaedics, Rehab Services and Maternity, Dental, Gynae and Sexual Health on 16 August 2021.

Previously Heather was the Divisional Nurse for Unscheduled Care before taking up post as Co-Director for Neurosciences, Imaging, Medical Physics and Medical Illustration in December 2019. Heather has over 30 years’ experience working for the NHS and has worked during that time across a number of unscheduled speciality areas.




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