Further investigation

Following your first appointment with your consultant, we may need to do some other tests.

Some of these could include:

For the female

  • Further hormone measurements
  • A dye test of the fallopian tubes
  • A laparoscopy to investigate the fallopian tubes

For the male

  • Hormone measurements
  • A repeat or more detailed semen analysis
  • A testicular biopsy

Some of these investigations may already have been undertaken before you were referred to the Regional Fertility Centre.

If you are referred from your GP

Your GP may only carry out basic initial tests such as hormone blood tests before making a referral.

If you are referred from a hospital gynaecology clinic

As a couple you may have a range of investigations carried out in a gynaecology clinic and then be referred to the Regional Fertility Centre because it is clear that you require one of the treatments provided by the Regional Fertility Centre or for further investigations by a specialist fertility consultant.

It is important to understand that not every patient needs all tests and you will have a plan made at your first visit with an explanation given as to why certain tests are or are not necessary depending on your own particular situation.