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Welcome to Belfast

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, with a population of 340,000 people. It is a vibrant, diverse city and a great place to live, work and socialise.

Northern Ireland is recognised by the British Council as having the lowest cost of living in the UK (or Ireland). Property prices in Northern Ireland remain
well below those in other UK locations and in the Republic of Ireland.

As well as much lower rents and property prices, the cost of transport, groceries and entertainment are all lower in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland residents
report greater purchasing power.

Click here for a more detailed comparison between Northern Ireland and London.


We hope you enjoy your time here!


What we have to offer you
Northern Ireland is a highly desirable location in
which to live and work, with an excellent education
system, efficient public transport, a world-class
healthcare service and affordable property.
Great emphasis is placed on quality of life here, and
our people are renowned for their friendliness and
the warm welcome we extend to all visitors.
Northern Ireland is located on the
island of Ireland and is administratively
part of the United Kingdom.
Belfast is the capital city.
The country is easily accessible,
with beautiful scenery, picturesque
towns, mountainous regions
and stunning waterways all within
easy reach.
In line with the rest of the UK,
the local currency is the
Pound Sterling (GBP, £).
We have an equable climate of
generally mild winters and relatively
cool summers – with perhaps less
sunshine and more rain than other
parts of the UK.
We have one of the lowest crime
rates among industrialised countries,
and on average people here report
themselves as feeling safer than
the rest of the UK.
In September 2016, the Office for
National Statistics wellbeing survey
named Northern Ireland the
happiest place in the UK.

  • Getting Here

    By Air
    Northern Ireland is served by flights into Belfast International Airport, George Best Belfast City Airport and City of Derry Airport. Scheduled air services
    operate from nearly all main UK airports, and there are many direct flights from European cities.
    Major airlines operate scheduled services from the US and Canada to Belfast International Airport via UK and Republic of Ireland airports. Additionally,
    there are charter flights direct from New York and Toronto to Belfast.

    By Ferry
    From Scotland to Northern Ireland in an hour!
    Northern Ireland has first-class ferry connections with Scotland, England and the Isle of Man from the Port of Larne and Belfast Harbour.

  • Getting Around

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    Public transport
    With the integrated Ulsterbus, Metro bus (within Belfast) and NI Railways public transport system, you can reach every corner of the country within a couple of hours.

    Taxis or minicabs are an economical option for short journeys. In Belfast, taxi ranks are also available.
    These are generally in the city centre or at some points of entry, and are London-type black cabs.

  • Renting or buying a home

    The cost of living in Belfast is lower than many UK cities, and there are always many things to do and events to see.

    Renting or Buying a Home
    Before you start looking for a home in Belfast, you should think about what you may need and research for the following in your chosen location:

    • Size of property
    • Type of property
    • Number of rooms required
    • Transport links
    • Secure parking
    • Shops, schools, health centres and social/leisure facilities

    You can search for rented accommodation through:

    Some rented property is not advertised so tell your friends and work colleagues you are looking for accommodation. They may be able to help.

    Landlord Registration Scheme

    All private landlords must be signed up to the Landlord Registration Scheme.

  • Local health services

    Registering with a GP practice

    If you are moving to Northern Ireland, you should register with a local GP practice (doctor).

    Find your local GP practice here.

    Registering with a dentist

    If you are moving to Northern Ireland, you should also register with a dentist. More information on how to register with a dentist is available here.

  • Currency and banking
  • Things to do in Belfast


    Belfast City Hall – This is one of Belfast’s most iconic buildings, first opening in 1906. There are tours on the stained-glass window collection, and on the monuments and memorials in the City Hall grounds.

    Botanic Gardens – A park popular with residents, students and visitors, with access to the Palm House’s tropical plants and the Tropical Ravine’s oldest seed plants.

    Ulster Museum – Explore Ancient Ireland, global histories, the Troubles and much more.

    Belfast Castle Estate – Located in the Cave Hill area of Belfast, and one of the city’s most famous landmarks.

    Cave Hill Country Park – Enjoy panoramic views across Belfast from various points on the hillside.

    St George’s Market – One of Belfast’s oldest attractions, home to some of the finest fresh produce, art and crafts.

    Belfast Zoo – The Zoo has been home to more than 120 species and 800 animals since 1934.

    The Grand Opera House – Located in the city centre, the Grand Opera House has provided quality entertainment and experiences for over 100 years.

    The MAC – A cultural hub and a vital shared space in Belfast for music, theatre, dance and art.

    The Lyric – A leading arts venue that always has a production worth seeing.

  • Things to do across Northern Ireland

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    Landscape and Attractions
    You can cross Northern Ireland by car in about two hours – north to south, or east to west – but in between there’s a rich variety of scenery, cultural
    attractions and leisure opportunities.
    Get into the great outdoors and you’ll find dramatic coastlines, castles, mountains, lakes, some of the best golf courses in the world, superb fishing, water sports, walking trails, scenic drives and historical landmarks.
    We have many fine restaurants, cinemas, theatres, galleries, arts and entertainment centres. 2012 saw the opening of the new Titanic Centre in Belfast – Europe’s leading tourist destination – and the new
    visitor centre at the Giant’s Causeway.

    Diverse Cultural Heritage
    Northern Ireland has a diverse cultural heritage.
    The 2011 census shows that the resident population of Northern Ireland stood at just over 1.8 million residents. About 4.5% of those residents (81,314) were born outside of the UK or the Republic of Ireland. This represents an increase of 199% in the population born outside of the UK and the Republic of Ireland since the 2001 census. Religious and cultural organisations cater for many nationalities,
    faith and ethnic groups throughout Northern Ireland.


    We have very good indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities with something for everyone, whether you’re a spectator or a participant – from world-class golf to angling, hill walking, boating, cycling, athletics, tennis, swimming and so much more.

    Wherever you go, you’ll find museums, visitor centres, historic castles and natural attractions to inspire. We also have some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe.
    Game of Thrones® is filmed at various locations throughout Northern Ireland, and there are guided tours allowing you to immerse yourself in all things Westeros!

    From major high-street names to one-off boutiques, from inner city shopping to out-of-town convenience, from supermarkets to artisan food producers, you’ll find it all here.

    Arts & Entertainment
    There are arts and entertainment festivals and events throughout the year featuring internationally renowned acts as well as local home-grown talent, plus many excellent, award-winning restaurants.

  • Universities and colleges