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Family Nurse Partnership

What happens during pregnancy and in the first years of a baby’s life has a major influence on their subsequent:

  • behaviour
  • education
  • employment
  • health
  • other life chances

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is an intensive programme for young, first time parents. It runs from early pregnancy until the child is aged two.

This licensed programme, developed at the University of Colorado, is thoroughly evaluated and has clear outcomes demonstrated through 30 years of research.

Parents receive weekly or fortnightly home visits from a specially trained nurse. The approach and materials used are based on theories of attachment, self-efficacy and human ecology.

This innovative programme achieves remarkable outcomes for both parents and children. These include:

  • improvements in antenatal health
  • better parenting practices and behaviour
  • reductions in child injuries, neglect and abuse
  • fewer subsequent pregnancies and greater intervals between births
  • increase in maternal employment and reduction in use of welfare
  • increase in paternal involvement (involvement of the father)

The Family Nurse Team is based in the Everton Complex and made up of:

  • five family nurses
  • one family nurse supervisor
  • one administrator

For further information, please contact the team on: 028 9504 2750.