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Glass related accidents

Glass can cause serious cuts. Many children end up in hospital every year because of accidents with glass around the home. Many are also injured when glasses and bottles break.

Tips to avoid accidents involving glass:

  • Use safety glass at a low level, such as in doors and windows. Safety glass is glass that is toughened and laminated and passes specially designed impact tests. Normal glass shatters more easily. The British Standard for safety glass is BS 6206. Look for the BS marks on your windows or ask the glazier who is fitting your windows
    Make existing glass safe by applying a shatter-resistant film
  • When buying furniture that includes glass, make sure it is safety approved. The British Standards for glass in furniture are BS 7376 and BS 7449
  • Always dispose of broken glass quickly and safely, wrapping it in newspaper before throwing it in the bin
  • If you own a greenhouse or cold frame (a structure to protect plants from the winter cold), make sure it has safety glazing or it is fenced off from children
  • Do not let a toddler walk around holding anything made of glass or anything sharp, such as scissors and sharp pencils.