Regional Fertility Centre

Click here for information on the restart of Regional Fertility Centre services.

Information for our pregnant patients can be found on the NI Maternity website.

There is further information on patient support from the Fertility Counselling Service NI and Fertility Network UK.

Other news

The Institute for Women’s Health, University College of London is currently conducting an anonymous online survey finding out the extend of the psychological impact on couples whose fertility treatments have been delayed or cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. You can find out more detail here


First steps

Guiding you through the stages of what to expect when you come to the Regional Fertility Centre.

Outpatient clinic

The Outpatients clinic is located at the Grove Wellbeing Centre on Shore Road, Belfast.

As a new patient, you will come to this clinic for your appointment to meet with your consultant in a more relaxed environment.

Care and support

Undergoing fertility treatment can be a demanding and stressful experience both physically and emotionally.