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Regional Andrology Service

What the service does
Patient and service user surveys
How to access the service
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What the service does

The Regional Andrology Service (RAS) is a fertility investigation service and part of the Regional Fertility Centre (RFC). We offer semen analysis for patients across Northern Ireland.

You can download the Regional Andrology Service User Manual.

If you are asked to have a semen test, we will carry out a microscopic examination of your semen to check how many sperm are present and whether or not they function correctly.

The results of this test will indicate whether or not a male factor is involved in your infertility. This will help us make decisions about your treatment.

The service is not available for post-vasectomy checks.

Semen test appointment and results

Before your appointment, you will be sent instructions on producing a semen sample. To ensure an accurate analysis, it is important that the sample is produced at the laboratory. A private room is available in the Regional Fertility Centre for this purpose.

If you have been referred for semen analysis by the Regional Fertility Centre doctor, you will get your results at your next appointment.

If you have been referred by your GP or a hospital outpatient clinic, the results will be sent to the doctor who referred you, usually within two weeks. They will arrange to give you the results of the test.

The current waiting time for an appointment is approximately eight weeks. You will receive a letter inviting you to contact the Regional Fertility Centre to book an appointment.

The estimated waiting time will be updated if there are significant changes.

Patient and service user surveys

  • Survey results

    We strive to provide a quality service that meets the needs and expectations of patients and users.

    We invite feedback through:

    • the Patient Satisfaction Survey, which is carried out on an annual basis
    • the Service User Survey (referring GPs and consultants), which is carried out on a biennial basis
    Patient Satisfaction Survey
    December 2021
    The appointment letter was easily understood 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    The reason for the appointment was made clear in the appointment letter 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    The appointment letter arrived in adequate time for preparation 96% definitely or mostly agreed
    Any phone contact was easy and dealt with in a professional manner 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    The leaflet provided at the andrology appointment gave me adequate information regarding the timescale for receiving my results 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    The appointment letter contained all the necessary information relating to Covid-19 precautions 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    You were called to see the andrologist within 15 minutes of the appointment time 100% definitely agreed
    The information provided by the andrologist at the appointment was clear and concise 98% definitely agreed


    You were given adequate opportunity to ask questions about your appointment 96% definitely or mostly agreed
    The appointment was carried out in a safe manner, taking into account Covid-19 precautions 100% definitely or mostly agreed
    Service User Survey
    March 2022
    The Semen Analysis Referral Request Form was easy to complete 89% agreed or strongly agreed
    The method of referral (CCG or post) is acceptable to you 90% agreed or strongly agreed
    The Semen Analysis Results Report Form was received by you within an acceptable timeframe 68% agreed or strongly agreed
    Your overall experience of the Regional Andrology Service is good 66% agreed or strongly agreed
    The Semen Analysis Results Report Form was easy to interpret 79% agreed or strongly agreed

How to access the service

You must be referred for a semen analysis by a GP or other hospital outpatient centre. Male details must include the Health and Care Number.

  • All GP requests for semen analysis should be processed using the electronic CCG referral system. This ensures requests are sent directly to the Regional Andrology Service for processing.
    For guidance on the CCG referral pathway, refer to the NHS GP website. Select Royal Victoria Hospital / gynaecology – fertility semen analysis.
  • GPs with no access to CCG should print a Semen Analysis Request Form and post it to: Regional Fertility Centre, Belfast Trust, Grosvenor Road, Belfast, BT12 6BA.
    Please note: As the andrology laboratory is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory Number 9655, we are required to ensure the correct version and up-to-date review date is on the request form. This means the original hard copy request form you have used in the past may become invalid if the form has since been reviewed. As we are unable to accept invalid forms, we will be required to return the form to you for resubmission.
  • Hospital departments may refer using the Semen Analysis Request Form.



Location of service

The Regional Fertility Centre is located in the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Hospital.

Useful links

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