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Addiction services

What the service does
Who provides the service
How to access the service
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What the service does

Addiction services provide treatment for people who misuse alcohol or drugs. There are different teams within addiction services:

  • Community Addiction Team
  • Addiction day treatment services
  • Drug Arrest Referral Team
  • Drug Outreach Team
  • Prescribed Medication Misuse Team
  • Substitute prescribing

Who provides the service

Addiction day treatment services

These services provide a range of treatment options for people who require further help to deal with their alcohol or drug misuse. Contact Malone Place Clinic on 028 9504 0338.

Drug Arrest Referral Team

Our staff work with the PSNI to provide rapid assessment and referral for people held in custody who have a drug problem and are suspected of funding their drug misuse through crime.

Drug Outreach Team

This team works in the community to help people who have a drug problem but are reluctant to engage with statutory services.

Prescribed Medication Misuse Team

Drugs prescribed by a GP can be addictive and harmful if misused or taken in a way not recommended by the GP or manufacturer.

Our staff work with GPs to reduce the number of potentially addictive and harmful medications being prescribed, for example:

  • benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium)
  • opiates such as codeine
Substitute prescribing

This team assesses people with a dependency on drugs, usually opiates such as heroin. We may recommend controlled medication to stabilise the patient’s condition.

How to access the service

We accept referrals from:

  • GPs
  • other relevant healthcare professionals

Useful links

Drugs and Alcohol NI website (local service finder available)

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