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Ambulatory Care

What the service does
How to access the service
Location of service
Opening hours

What the service does

The aim of ambulatory care is to safely treat your condition without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. You have the same access to services and clinical teams that our inpatients have.

The Ambulatory Care Centre on the Royal Victoria Hospital site has four facilities within it. There are similar facilities at the City Hospital.

Day of Surgery Unit

You are admitted to the Day of Surgery Unit before going into the operating theatre or a similar area elsewhere in the hospital. After this, you may be moved to an inpatient ward for further care or discharged from the unit following recovery and observation.

Programmed Treatment Unit / Perioperative Preparation Unit

This unit is where you have procedures and diagnostic tests under the care of the medical/surgical team, supported by the nursing team. After the procedure is complete, you will be discharged and allowed to go home.

Infusional Suite

The Infusional Suite is where you have infusional therapies given to you through an intravenous line. These therapies help prevent your chronic condition getting worse. This care is prescribed by the medical team and delivered by the nursing team under the supervision of our pharmacist.

Discharge lounge

The discharge lounge is conveniently located at an exit. This makes it easier for you to be collected when you are going home or moving to another care facility.

How to access the service

You must be referred to the Ambulatory Care Centre. There are several ways of being referred:

  • You may be referred by your consultant for a specific treatment or procedure.
  • If you have previously accessed the service, your GP may consult with one of our doctors about the right treatment for you. This may include more ambulatory care.
  • You may need follow-up treatment after being discharged from the Ambulatory Care Centre. This may mean you need to return to the unit. This will be discussed with you and your family when you are being discharged.

Location of service

The Ambulatory Care Centre is located in the old Emergency Department on level 1 of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Ambulatory care at the City Hospital is on the ground floor of the Tower building.

Opening hours

The Ambulatory Care Centre is open:

  • 7.30am to 8.30pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Ambulatory care at the City Hospital is open:

  • 7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Locations where this service is delivered

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