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Clinical Psychology

The aim of the Clinical Psychology Service is to promote psychological health and well-being and alleviate distress.

Clinical Psychology provides psychological interventions to children and adults who are experiencing psychological distress due to physical or mental health difficulties.

What is Psychological health?

Psychological health and well-being should not be confused with the question of whether or not you suffer from mental illness. When we talk about psychological health, we are referring to how ordinary people are doing in life. In other words, if you are feeling distressed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are mentally ill.

Ordinary life often presents the individual with extraordinary challenges, complexities, setbacks and hardships. Psychological health concerns itself with how you cope, how you are doing in response, whether you feel anxious and distressed or whether you find life to be interesting and enjoyable.

How to access the service

Referrals for adults who require Psychological Therapies are accepted from GPs via the mental health single point of referral.

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