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Community Diabetes Specialist Teams

These specialist teams are based in the community and are made up of nurses, dieticians, podiatrists and health care assistants. They provide specialist care, treatment, support and education to patients with diabetes and their carers. This includes vulnerable adults, people with learning difficulties and people whose diabetes is complex and difficult to manage.

The service includes:

  • Clinics in Health Centres
  • Visits to patients homes (when appropriate).
  • Holistic management to reduce risk of diabetes related complications.
  • Glycaemic management – Oral antidiabetic drugs, Insulin initiation and titration
  • Specialist Dietetic advice and support.
  • Specialist Podiatry clinics
  • Education Programmes tailored to individual need for people with diabetes including newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes.
  • One to one Diabetes education sessions.
  • Education Programmes for health professionals (qualified & non-qualified) on all aspects of Diabetes Management.

How to Access the Service

Referrals to Community Diabetes Specialist Teams may only be made by hospitals, GPs and other healthcare professionals:

  • For South or East Belfast – Call Management Centre – 028 9615 8200
  • For North or West Belfast – Central Referral Service – 028 9615 8100
Location Teams are based at:

Multi-disciplinary clinics are also held in:

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