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Eye Outpatient Diagnostic Unit (EODU)

What the service does
Who provides the service
How to access the service
Location of the service
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What the service does 

The Eye Outpatient Diagnostic Unit (EODU) is also known as ‘Ophthalmology Outpatients’.

The unit treats adults and children over the age of 16 with various eye conditions. These conditions can range from minor procedures to sight-threatening and chronic conditions that require multiple hospital appointments.

Conditions we treat in the unit include:

We also provide treatment for:

  • patients who require specialist contact lenses
  • orthoptic patients

Who provides the service

A number of healthcare professionals will provide your care at various stages, including:

  • Consultant ophthalmologists – doctors who specialise in ophthalmic conditions
  • Orthoptists – assess your vision, eye movements and potential squints
  • Optometrists – assess whether you need glasses or other vision aids
  • Imaging technicians – take photographs and scans to help the consultant make a diagnosis
  • Specialist nurses – advanced nurses who specialise in ophthalmic conditions
  • Specialist trainees – doctors in the consultant training programme
  • Registered nurses with specialist training

How to access the service

We accept referrals from opticians or GPs. Referrals are sent to our appointments office and triaged in order of urgency by an experienced healthcare professional.

You should get a letter informing you that we have received your referral and that your name has been added to our waiting list.

An appointment will be sent to you in the post in due course.

Location of the service

Level 1 EENT Building
Royal Victoria Hospital

The Falls Road entrance to the Royal Victoria Hospital is the quickest way to the Eye Outpatient Diagnostic Unit.

Sighted Guide Service

If you are blind or have sight loss, you can now pre-book a person who will act as a Sighted Guide at no cost for your next trip to the Royal Victoria Hospital, as a service user, patient or visitor. There are more than 30 trained Sighted Guides available to assist anyone who is blind or has sight loss to reach their destination safely and independently.

This service is available Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5pm upon request.

To book, please telephone or text 0738 594 1991 or email





You can also download this map with directions to the Eye Outpatient Diagnostic Unit.

Useful links

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Locations where this service is delivered

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