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Learning Disability Community Treatment Services

Sometimes people with learning disabilities experience specific difficulties with their behaviour or their mental health. At these times the individual will benefit from specialist assessment and intervention to work out the underlying reasons for the difficulty and how best to intervene.

The Belfast Trust can offer these specialist services in the community without the need for the person to go into hospital.

People with Challenging Behaviour can get help through the Behaviour Support Service;

People experiencing feelings of psychological distress can get help through both Clinical Psychologists and the Hear to Help Service

People experiencing mental ill health can get help through Mental Health Specialists including Psychiatrists, psychologists and Community Learning Disability Nurses.

How to access this service

Behaviour Support Services, Hear to Help and Clinical Psychology all operate an open referral system – whereby anyone who has an identified learning disability can refer themselves to the service or be referred to the service. People who are referred will be assessed for eligibility to the service and prioritised according to the information available.

To access Psychiatry Services you will need a referral from your GP. They can refer you to the Learning Disability Psychiatry Service.