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Mourne Project

Mourne Project is a specialist day programme providing a service to people with brain injury who are living in Belfast or the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust area.

The service provides day support, skills development, rehabilitation and respite for a small group of people with very complex needs and who therefore require a high level of staff support.

Each individual client has a structured programme of social, recreational and therapeutic activities, dependent on their needs and capabilities, as assessed by the Multidisciplinary Team. Examples of activities may be in the area of:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation e.g. problem solving, planning skills
  • Social skills e.g. coping, self esteem, confidence
  • Skills development e.g. development of existing skills, developing new skills and the maintenance of both
  • Practical activities which engage clients in what interests them
  • Improving physical activity e.g. walking, attending gym
  • Activities of Daily Living e.g. washing, feeding
  • Extended Activities of Daily Living e.g. work and leisure skills

This range of activities provides staff with an opportunity to carry out in-depth assessments of the individuals. Staff are able to encourage and monitor appropriate interaction and behaviours and provide an opportunity for client discussion, develop client interests and provide opportunity to make friendships.

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