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Paediatric persistent pain service

What the service does
Who provides the service
How to access the service
Location of service
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What the service does

The paediatric persistent pain service is also known as the children’s pain clinic. We provide assessment, treatment and support for children with recurrent or persistent pain.

Our clinics aim to restore your child’s normal action and improve their quality of life by:

  • helping them manage their pain
  • reducing the effect of pain on their daily life

The best way to manage pain is a partnership between your child and the health professionals working with them. There are physical, social and psychological factors to chronic pain. Our team looks at the full picture to find ways of making it more manageable for you and your child.

Who provides the service

The paediatric persistent pain team includes:

  • consultants in pain medicine
  • specialist nurse in chronic pain
  • clinical psychologist
  • physiotherapist

How to access the service

We need a written referral from one of the following before we can assess your child:

  • GP
  • medical staff working in a hospital
  • nurse working in a hospital
  • allied health professional working in a hospital

Location of service

Beech Hall Wellbeing and Treatment Centre
21 Andersonstown Road
BT11 9AF

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