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Vascular services

What the service does
Who provides the service
How to access the service
Location of service

What the service does

Vascular services diagnose, treat and manage conditions that affect your body’s circulation. This usually involves treating diseases of the:

  • arteries
  • veins
  • lymphatic vessels

We provide general vascular services for people living in Belfast and a number of specialist regional services for people from across Northern Ireland.

We typically manage conditions such as:

  • peripheral vascular disease – this results in poor circulation to your limbs or vital organs
  • aneurysmal disease – this causes localised weakness in the walls of your arteries, which can result in aneurysms
  • stroke – we work to prevent stroke and mini stroke in patients whose arteries supplying the brain have become diseased
  • venous disease – varicose veins and their associated conditions, such as venous ulcers

Heart conditions are managed by cardiology and cardiac surgery services. Blood vessel disease within the skull is usually managed by neurology or neurosurgery services.

Who provides the service

The vascular team is made up of:

  • vascular surgeons
  • anaesthetists
  • nurses
  • imaging staff
  • allied health professionals
  • administration staff

How to access the service

There are two ways to access vascular services:

  • referral by an Emergency Department
  •  referral by a GP or another clinician

Location of service

Vascular inpatient and day case services for Belfast and Northern Ireland are combined on the Royal Hospitals site.

Vascular outpatient services are delivered in:

  • Belfast City Hospital
  • Royal Victoria Hospital

Locations where this service is delivered

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