Visitors information

Your time in hospital will be short and you may have a lot of adjustment with a new baby. We recommend keeping visitors to a minimum. Ask family and friends to visit you at home instead.

Young children and babies may be at risk of injury or infection around the hospital. We recommend that babies are not brought onto the wards. Children who are visiting must be supervised at all times and we recommend that visits are kept short.

  • Visiting times in the Maternity Hospital

    Antenatal ward (A ward):

    • 2pm to 4pm
    • 6.30pm to 8.30pm


    Postnatal wards (E ward and Johnstone House):

    • 3pm to 4pm
    • 7pm to 8pm


    Visits are limited to a partner and two other people at any given time.

    Please note: Partners are welcome from 11am in postnatal wards for short periods at a time. Partners should understand that mothers and babies need to rest and the clinical team needs to provide care. Please do not visit during meal times if possible.

  • Visiting times in the Midwife-Led Unit

    Although there are no set visiting times in the Midwife-Led Unit, we ask that visitors contact the unit in advance to agree an appropriate visiting time.

    Tel: 028 9504 1555 or 028 9504 1556.

  • Your responsibilities as a visitor

    Please help us fight infection by following these four simple rules when you visit the hospital:

    • clean your hands before and after visiting a ward
    • do not visit if you feel unwell
    • do not bring perishable foods into a hospital
    • stick to the visiting times and the numbers of visitors allowed


    The Trust has a zero tolerance policy on violence. Staff or visitors behaving in a threatening or abusive way will be required to leave.

    Visitors with mobile phones, cameras or camcorders should ensure they are turned off while in the hospital.

  • Bringing food into hospital

    Please do not bring perishable foods or foods containing allergens into hospital. If you are unsure whether a food contains allergens, please ask nursing staff for advice.

    Perishable foods include:

    • meats
    • poultry
    • dairy products
    • sandwiches
    • takeaway food


    Foods with allergens include, but are not limited to:

    • nuts
    • eggs
    • fish


    Foods that may be brought into a hospital include:

    • sweets
    • fruit
    • foods that can be safely stored at room temperature
    • non-alcoholic drinks


    In exceptional circumstances, perishable foods may be brought into hospital with the permission of the ward manager. All foods brought into hospital should be given to nursing staff for correct labelling and storage.

  • Gifts to patients

    Please do not bring in flowers and helium balloons.