Treatment waiting times

IVF and ICSI waiting times
Frozen embryo transfer (FET) waiting time
OI, IUI and DIUI waiting times

IVF and ICSI waiting times

The publicly funded IVF and ICSI treatment waiting list is a single list managed in chronological order.

The table below shows the estimated waiting times for publicly funded IVF and ICSI treatments. This is based on our capacity and the number of patients ready for treatment.

Some patients may be waiting for a therapeutic surgical procedure (for example, removal of polyp) before fertility treatment. When this procedure is completed, the patient will be placed on the fertility treatment waiting list and backdated.

This does not include diagnostic procedures such as hysterosalpingograms (HSGs), diagnostic laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

Our capacity to provide fertility treatment is generally stable throughout the year. However, external pressures, for example another surge of Covid-19, could alter this significantly.

Due to the vaccination programme, it is hoped that any further surge of Covid-19 will not be as significant as previous surges. All patients on the IVF or ICSI treatment waiting list have been sent correspondence to confirm the date they went on the list.

The estimated waiting times on this website will be refreshed if there are significant changes.

Month added to list Treated by end of month
(subject to individual menstrual patterns)
Before October 2019 September 2021
November 2019 October 2021
December 2019 October 2021
January 2020 October 2021
February 2020 October 2021
March 2020 November  2021
April 2020 November  2021
May 2020 November  2021
June 2020 November  2021
July  2020 December  2021
August 2020 December  2021
September 2020 January 2022
October 2020 January 2022
November 2020 February 2022
December 2020 February 2022
January 2021 March 2022
February 2021 March 2022
March 2021 March 2022
April 2021 April 2022
May 2021 April 2022

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) waiting time

The approximate waiting time for publicly and privately funded frozen embryo transfer (FET) is five months.

Treatment times are subject to individual menstrual patterns.

OI, IUI and DIUI waiting times

Ovulation induction (OI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and donor intrauterine insemination (DIUI) are treatments made up of cycles, starting each month with the patient’s menstrual cycle.

A course of OI treatment is six completed cycles. IUI and DIUI treatment requires four completed cycles.

A completed cycle means the patient has reached the ovulation stage in the cycle. Sometimes a monthly treatment cycle may be stopped before this if the patient is over or under-responding to their drugs. An individual patient may therefore take longer to complete their full treatment course.

When a patient achieves a positive pregnancy test before they have completed their full treatment course, another patient can begin treatment.

A limited number of patients can be managed in each treatment cycle at any one time. One patient has to complete their treatment course before another patient begins.

Treatment waiting times can therefore change depending on the responses and outcomes of patients in treatment.

The current approximate waiting times for treatment are:

  • 18 months for OI
  • 24 months for IUI or DIUI

These estimated waiting times will be updated if there are significant changes.