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Family History Questionnaire Service (FHQS)

  • What is the FHQS?

    Family history is one of the most important pieces of information in assessing a person’s risk of cancer, or their probability of carrying a cancer predisposition gene change. The Family History Questionnaire (FHQS) is an electronic form that allows you, the patient, to provide us with your family history information.  The online FHQ tool is in compliant with GDPR regulations and cyber security.


    Once completed your family history information is received by us in a timely manner, allowing us to assess your family history and review if genetic testing can be offered and/or appropriate screening advice provided.  Even if we can offer genetic testing due to the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with, it is still important to have your full family history, to make sure we are offering you the most appropriate test and providing the correct screening advice for your family members.


    The FHQS can be accessed at and a list of FAQ can also be found here.

  • What is the service code?

    The service code gives you access to the online questionnaire and ensures that your family history is returned to the NI Regional Genetics Service.  The service code is available in your invitation letter and text message. If you cannot find the service code please contact us at  or 02895 043924.  Only patients who have been referred to our service and invited to complete the FHQS, will have their family history assessed.

  • What is my HCN and how do I find it?

    Your HCN is your health and care number.  It is a 10 digit number that identifies and matches you to your health record.  You can find your HCN on any letter from the health trust/hospital or GP.  It can also be found on a prescription or a medical card.  If you cannot find your HCN please contact us at  or 02895 043924.

  • Can I request a paper family history form to complete?

    Yes!  If you are having any difficulties accessing or completing the FHQS online you can either download a paper copy of the family history questionnaire.

    Or you can contact us at  or 02895 043924 to request a paper copy to be posted out to you.

    Once completed, you can return it to us by e-mail at or by post to:

    FAO Genomic Associate, NI Regional Genetics Service, Floor A, Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AB.


    If you are experiencing difficulties in completing the electronic or paper family history form and would like to speak to someone in our admin team for help, please contact them on 02895 043924

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