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What the service does
Who provides the service
How to access the service
Location of service
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What the service does

Our orthopaedic service provides a full range of elective orthopaedic procedures, including:

  • joint replacement, for example knee or hip
  • spine surgery
  • upper and lower limb surgery

The Regional Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery is based at Musgrave Park Hospital. There are nine operating theatres and seven orthopaedic wards.

Our team of orthopaedic consultants carry out approximately 35,000 outpatient appointments and 9,000 inpatient and day case appointments each year.

Who provides the service

We have 44 consultant orthopaedic surgeons and one speciality doctor. Together, they specialise in a range of areas.

We also have a team of more than 30 specialist orthopaedic anaesthetists. They make sure you are able to undergo your procedure safely.

How to access the service

If you think you need a referral for an orthopaedic procedure, talk to your GP. Depending on your condition, your GP will either refer you to the Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (ICATS) or directly to an orthopaedic consultant surgeon.

Some orthopaedic conditions do not require surgery and can be managed by clinicians in the Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service.

Location of service

The orthopaedics service is located at Musgrave Park Hospital.

Contact details

Outpatient waiting list

Hospital Registration Office
Tel: (028) 9504 1845

Partial Booking Office
Tel: (028) 9615 8500

Inpatient waiting list

Inpatient Waiting List Manager
Tel: (028) 9504 7516

Waiting List Officers
Tel: (028) 9504 7077

Useful links

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