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Paediatric neuropsychology

What we do
Your child’s neuropsychological assessment
How to access this support
Address and contact details
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What we do

Our team of clinical psychologists treats children and young people who have medical conditions that can affect their brain and development.

This treatment may involve a neuropsychological assessment. This assessment checks how the condition may be affecting thinking skills, learning, behaviour and/or emotional wellbeing.

Your child’s neuropsychological assessment


The neuropsychological assessment is tailored to meet your child’s individual needs. Each session will usually last two to three hours, including breaks. Your psychologist will discuss how many sessions your child will require.

During the first session, the psychologist will meet you and your child and ask about your child’s difficulties and medical history. They will also ask about your concerns.

Typically, the psychologist will then see your child alone for an evaluation. This will involve a number of puzzles, games and pencil and paper tasks.

The evaluation examines how different parts of the brain related to thinking skills like general knowledge (IQ), attention, memory, planning and language are working. This helps us understand what skills your child’s condition may or may not be affecting.

In our experience, children tend to enjoy these tasks and puzzles and usually perform better when fewer people are in the room. However, young or very shy children may sometimes need a parent close at hand and we can of course arrange this.

What you need to bring
  • Any recent school reports
  • Copies of previous educational psychology or therapy reports (as relevant)
  • Glasses and/or hearing aid (if appropriate)
  • Snack and drink for your child
  • Mobile phone, book or magazine for the adult(s), as you will be waiting some time
  • Any forms we may have asked you to complete
  • Details of any medication your child is currently taking
  • Any questions you may wish to ask our team
After the neuropsychological assessment

After the assessment, the tasks need to be scored and interpreted, so we can’t give thorough feedback straight away. Our report will take some time to prepare, but we aim to complete it as soon as possible.

The background information will be examined to help identify your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. When the psychologist has analysed your child’s performance, you (parents) and your child will have a chance to discuss the findings with the psychologist (if appropriate).

This will help us develop strategies to support your child’s learning and/or emotional wellbeing.

When it is complete, our report from your child’s assessment will be sent to you and the relevant medical professionals involved in your child’s care. The report will include the scores your child achieved. It will also include any recommendations appropriate for your child.

If we think it may be useful to share the report with non-medical organisations such as your child’s school, we will seek your permission.

How to access this support

Children and young people are normally referred to our service by a neurologist or neurosurgeon at the Children’s Hospital or the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Address and contact details

Clinical Neuropsychology Department
Level 9C, Outpatients Building
Royal Victoria Hospital
274 Grosvenor Road
Belfast BT12 6B

Tel: 028 9615 0934
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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