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General Footcare Advice

Looking after your feet is important at all stages in your life. This is because when you provide the best care for your feet, you can improve your comfort, mobility, confidence, independence and have an impact on your overall quality of life.

Follow the advice below to provide the best footcare.

  • Skin Care
    • Wash your feet daily with mild soap and warm water
    • Gently dry your feet especially between the toes
    • If your skin is dry, apply a moisturising cream. Do not put cream in between your toes
    • A pumice stone or foot file may be helpful for gentle filing of areas of hard skin
    • Over-the-counter corn and callous preparations commonly contain an acid and are not recommended
  • Nail Care

    To prevent nail problems arising, toenails should be kept trimmed and neat at least once a week.

    • Cut or file your toenails after a bath or shower, as the nails are softer and easier to manage
    • Cut or file your nails straight across or with the shape of the end of the toe
    • Do not cut down the sides of your nails or cut them too short
    • A relative, friend or carer may be willing to help you manage your nail care
  • Footwear

    A common cause of foot problems is inappropriate or poorly fitting footwear.

    When choosing footwear, consider:

    • Shoes should fit correctly, providing adequate support, be held securely by laces, Velcro or a buckle
    • Ideally shoes should have a rounded and deep toe-box with a low wide heel, and well fitting heel cup
    • Avoid pressure from seams
  • First Aid Advice
    • Cuts or breaks in the skin should be gently cleansed with warm salted water and covered with a sterile plaster
    • If minor foot injuries do not respond to home treatment within a few days or if you have developed signs of an infection in your foot such as:
    • pain/ throbbing
    • increased redness
    • inflammation
    • swelling
    • pus

    Please seek a referral from your GP or self-referral via Belfast call management:

    North and West Belfast area: 028 9063 5300

    South and East Belfast area: 028 9056 5565

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