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Personal footcare

Good footcare is important no matter what age you are. Well cared for feet can improve your comfort, mobility, confidence, independence and have an impact on your overall quality of life.

The booklets below give a step by step guide on nail and skin care with lots of helpful advice on footwear.

Personal Footcare Guidance

Do you need help to care for your own feet or would like to know more about how to help a relative or friend with their footcare?

Personal footcare is part of personal hygiene and covers a set of tasks that an adult, whatever their age, would normally do for themselves if able to. This includes a range of things such as:

Toenail Care Clipping and filing toenails safely and keeping them at a length, which feels comfortable
Skin Care Smoothing and moisturising dry and rough skin

Keeping feet clean, dry, comfortable and warm

Checking for cracks and breaks in the skin

Looking for signs of infection or other obvious early problems and seeking professional advice

Checking Footwear Checking footwear for comfort, fit, state of repair and safety

For general footcare advice, click here.