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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment Information for patients and carers

Biomechanics is the science of how we move, how our muscles, bones and joints combine to provide human motion. Movement is a complex process, so many different things can be a contributing cause.

The podiatrist will need to see exactly how your feet and legs are functioning and investigate the cause of the problem. To do this it may be necessary for an examination to be undertaken whilst you are lying on a treatment couch, or whilst standing or walking.

The full assessment may take up to 40minutes, so please be prepared to spend that length of time at the clinic and be prepared with your information.

  • How can I prepare?

    To aid this examination, it is useful to bring:

    • A pair of shorts or loose fitting trousers
    • A pair of worn shoes (to show wearing marks)
    • Daily work/ leisure shoes
    • List of your medication


    Please do not bring sandals/ flip flops/ high heels/ wedges or slip-ons.

  • What could I be asked during my appointment?

    A full medical history will be taken to give a complete overview of your condition.

    You will be asked questions regarding the problems you are experiencing for example; how long the problem has existed; whether the symptoms are worse at a certain time of day; or whether there is anything which increases or decreases the problem.

    We will also require some general information about your daily/work/leisure activities.

  • Following your assessment

    After you have been examined the podiatrist will talk to you about the best way of managing your symptoms such as:

    • Footwear advice: Often appropriate footwear along can manage your symptoms
    • Stretching/ strengthening advice: To incorporate into daily routine
    • Foot orthoses/ insoles: The type of device will depend on individual need


    Sometimes the podiatrist may need to work closely with other professionals such as a physiotherapist or your GP in order to give you the best help for your condition. On occasions this may mean onward referral.

    Managing your biomechanical symptoms is a team effort between you and your health care professional.


Contact the Podiatry Department for more information on: 028 9504 554