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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to take my clothes off?

No. We are primarily a psychological service and would expect your GP to have carried out any physical examinations prior to attending us.

Will I have to be physically examined?

No. Any physical problems should be assessed by your GP. Our service is based on psychological interventions.

How explicit do I have to be about my sex life?

Questions and conversations will be intimate as the difficulty is of an intimate nature. However we do not want our clients to feel uncomfortable about discussing these issues. We will work with you to try to alleviate any discomfort felt.

Does my partner have to come along?

We can see people on their own if they are not presently within a relationship, however a psychosexual problem usually involves two people so we would recommend for the best outcome that you attend as a couple.

Can I bring my partner?

Yes. Psychosexual therapy works well when the couple are involved and committed to working through a sexual difficulty together.

Will I have to take medication?

Sometimes we may advice medication for short term use, however usually we do not unless there is a physical or mental health issue that requires medical intervention. This will be in consultation with your GP.

For more information contact:

Brackenburn Clinic
Shimna House, Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Saintfield Road, Belfast, BT8 8BH

Tel. 028 9504 1471

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