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Dental services

What the service does
How to access the service
Emergency dental treatment (including toothache)
Location of service 

What the service does

We provide a range of specialist dental services:

The specialist services are provided in:

Please note: patients cannot attend the School of Dentistry without an agreed appointment.
Please do not walk in as you will not be treated.

How to access the service:

To access any of our specialist services, you need to be referred by one of the following:
– dentist
– GP
– hospital-based consultant
– other healthcare professional (in some circumstances)

Emergency dental services

Patients from the Belfast/Northern/Southern/Eastern and South Eastern areas of NI can contact EDCs using the following details only:

Saturdays/Sundays and Bank Holidays
Telephone – 028 2566 3510
Lines Are Open Between
8.00am and 12 noon

Calls will be directed to a dentist for triage and if deemed clinically necessary advice or treatment at an EDC will be provided for the following dental conditions:
•    Dental swelling (spreading infection).
•    Trauma to teeth arising from an external force.
•    Uncontrolled bleeding following extraction.
•    Severe dental pain not controlled by over the counter medications.

Please note, as there is high demand for out-of-hours appointments patients may have to travel outside their area for treatment slots. Patients should not attend any site without an arranged appointment.

For further information, please visit Out of Hours Emergency Dental Treatment – DOH/HSCNI Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG) – formerly HSCB


If the condition is more serious or urgent you may need to attend your local Emergency Department.

Patients who meet these criteria should attend an Emergency Department:
– oral bleeding that the patient or carer is unable to control with self-care measures
– mouth or face swelling that gets worse over a period of a few hours
– mouth or face swelling that affects the ability to swallow or open the mouth
– mouth face or swelling that is affecting your vision
– serious dental trauma – physical injury to the mouth


If you have not been referred to the service our reception staff will not be able to help you make an appointment.
If you need a dentist or emergency dental treatment please click here.

School of Dentistry clinics
 Telephone number
New Patient Office 

Use this number if you have been referred but have not been seen yet or if you are unsure of your department

Reception: 02896159500
Oral surgery Reception: 028 9504 0725    or   028 9615 1204
Secretaries: 028 9615 5915    or    028 9615 5962
Day Procedure Unit Sister’s Office: 028 9615 0160
Recovery: 028 9504 0386
Oral medicine Reception: 028 9615 1204   or   028 9504 0725
Secretaries: 028 9615 5755   or   028 9615 5943
Orthodontics Reception: 028 9615 1211
Secretary: 028 9615 6029
Restorative Reception: 028 9615 1218
 028 9615 5954   or   028 9615 5683
Prosthetics Reception: 028 9615 1216
Secretary: 028 9615 5683
Periodontics Reception: 028 9615 1220
Conservation Reception: 028 9615 1218

Email for Interpreter or Hearing Impaired

Paediatric (Children’s) Dental Clinic
Reception: 02896156909

Wellbeing and Treatment Centres

Location of Services

School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry is on the Royal Hospitals site close to the main Royal Victoria Hospital.

If you’re a current patient of the School of Dentistry and wish to contact the clinic or consultant use the numbers in the table above.

Children’s Hospital

The Paediatric Dental Clinic is located in the Children’s Hospital. On the main Royal Victoria Hospital Site .

Treatment Centres