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Certification of Visual Impairment card launched

16th April 2019

Belfast Trust is delighted to launch the certification ID card, designed by service users for service users to make people aware of the challenges facing those effected by sight loss.

The certification ID card will help ensure people, businesses and services in Northern Ireland are aware that the card holder is sight impaired and to have an understanding that they may need extra assistance or help when accessing their services.

Our service users come from all social backgrounds, age groups and abilities, and the introduction of the certification ID card is a successful model of partnership, cooperation and responsiveness between the Trust, the people who use our services and the local community and businesses.

The project will complement the regional strategy, Developing Eyecare Partnership (DEP) which has restructured the certification process in Northern Ireland.

All service users across the region, who are eligible for certification, will be offered the certification ID card which is the first card of its type and we hope will become widely recognised and used within Northern Ireland.

Aidan Best, Sensory Impairment Service in Belfast Trust said “I am absolutely delighted to be able to launch this card for our service users. The Sight Loss Forum have had given us some great ideas over the years to improve our service and this card is another example.”

“Some companies are very good at helping people with sight loss but many more can improve their service to customers in this way and this card is a step towards highlighting that.”

“The card is available in three languages as the Forum told us that a lot of them travel and having a translation in French, Spanish and German would be beneficial when abroad.”

Liam Porter, a service user who has received a CVI Card said “This card came about as a group of service users such as myself got together with the Trust and came up with this idea. This card means freedom for me, it means I can show the card and someone will be there to look after me.”