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Flu spreads. Get the jab. No Excuses.

7th September 2020

This year, more than ever, it is vital that all of us get the flu vaccine to protect ourselves and those around us.
Our response to the COVID-19 virus demonstrates what we can achieve when we collectively do the right thing and follow the public health guidance. As the winter months approach, however, we should be mindful that the fight against COVID is not over and the flu virus poses an additional threat to everyone.
That is the risk not only to you, but to your parents, your grandparents, family members, colleagues and the patients we care for.
You have the choice to protect them. You can change the course of the flu virus.
This year we are bringing the flu vaccine directly to our staff, with over 200 peer vaccinators already signed up to deliver the vaccine to colleagues.
Flu spreads. Get the jab. No Excuses.