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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Underway

9th December 2020

We are delighted to have commenced the COVID-19 vaccination programme and would like to thank our Peer Vaccinators and staff members who have been integral to getting us to this point. We will be managing the programme, and as the vaccination becomes available we will be vaccinating care home staff and residents alongside Health and Social Care staff working with the most vulnerable patients. More details of the early deployment plans are set out by the Department of Health.

Our vaccination centre is at the Non-Clinical Support Building at Royal Victoria Hospital.

Joanna Sloan, Sister in the Royal Victoria Hospital Emergency Department became the first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in Northern Ireland.

In this video, Joanna explains why she feels it’s important for her to step forward and get the vaccination. We also hear from Trust Director, Bernie Owens on today’ achievement and how the Trust will roll out the vaccinations to staff.