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CRADLE joins with Belfast Trust to offer pregnancy loss support

26th May 2021

CRADLE is a registered charity that works with the NHS across the UK, supporting women, partners, surrogates and intended parents affected by pregnancy loss before the 24th week of pregnancy.

CRADLE provides a range of early pregnancy loss resources to healthcare professionals, which are made available to bereaved parents during their hospital appointments or care.

The resources – which include comfort bags of toiletries, outpatient and antenatal appointment packs – reflect the physical needs of women during their experience of pregnancy loss in a hospital or clinic setting.

The leaflets and support cards inside the comfort bags and packs signpost women to our peer support services, and where funding is available, to the CRADLE counselling team.

With the launch of the new #cradledignity project, our volunteers and retail partners are now providing donations of new black underwear and black leggings to support women who may benefit from a change of clothes.

We support anyone who is affected by pregnancy loss, in all circumstances of loss.

Our support services include the CRADLE Early Pregnancy Loss Support Group on Facebook.

Séana Talbot, Maternity and Neonatal service manager at Belfast Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with CRADLE to support women experiencing pregnancy loss. The CRADLE packs will hopefully make a difference for women and their partners at a very difficult time.”

Jackie Stacey, Ward Sister in the RJMH Maternity Assessment Unit and Early Pregnancy Clinic, and Barbara Gergett, Childbirth and loss Midwife, echoed those sentiments: “Women who have received the packs so far have shown an appreciation for the consideration of what is included.

“Working with CRADLE helps staff within Belfast Trust provide practical resources to women who are experiencing early pregnancy loss. The CRADLE comfort bags and peer support reassures women that they are not alone and other people have walked a similar journey.”

Ellie Goan, the CRADLE ambassador who launched the Belfast service, is delighted to be able to support the healthcare professionals in the Trust by supplying the comfort bags and outpatient packs.

“Having had all my maternity care through the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service, both the good and the sad, to now be able to give something back to the staff who cared for me during both my pregnancy losses means so much,” said Ellie.

“The staff can now offer something to the women following behind me that will help in both the short and long term. That humble packet of tissues might not seem like much, but could up meaning the world, and the cards and letters directing families to CRADLE for ongoing emotional support in what can be a pretty dark time is invaluable – raising awareness around early pregnancy loss and letting families know they are not alone.”

The Trust would like to thank Ellie for setting up this service and also thank all the businesses, retailers and community organisations who have helped make it possible.