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Please reduce your movement around our hospital sites

3rd December 2021

Please reduce your movement around our hospital sites

We appreciate that this is a challenging time for our patients and although things are changing outside, we continue to implement Covid-19 guidance across all our sites.

We ask that you take the following measures to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 for you, your family, other patients and staff whilst you are in our care.

It is extremely important that we reduce the movement of people in our hospital sites, particularly in a ward setting. Please avoid leaving the ward unless in exceptional circumstances. You should not leave the ward to meet with family and friends in other parts of the hospital site. We have a strict visiting policy in place to help reduce the potential for Covid-19 transmission

If you have to leave the ward please wear a face covering. Our staff can provide you with a surgical mask if required. When you are on the ward and in our facilities please continue to observe all additional COVID safety measures.

We ask that you still continue to wear a mask and observe hands, face and space at all Belfast Trust sites.