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ASD and Supporting Your Child with the War in Ukraine

10th March 2022

ASD and Supporting Your Child with the War in Ukraine

Some children and young people with ASD are struggling to understand the current situation in Ukraine. Talking about war to children can be very difficult.

With news of the war in Ukraine dominating headlines, social media platforms and conversations across the country, many children in early learning and care and school age childcare settings will have been exposed to information about the conflict. Children do not always talk about what is worrying them, but they may be trying to make sense of this information by themselves and, in the absence of factual information, imagining situations to be far worse than they are. Every child is different, however, and while some might be feeling scared, others may not be worried at all.

The Child and Adolescent Autism Service in Belfast Trust have produced this guide to support you in talking to your child. The guide covers a range of topics, including tips on talking to your child about the situation, visual strategies, managing anxiety, sleep and sensory regulation.

Click the image below to access the PageTiger document.