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The Team Behind the Scenes of the New Maternity Hospital

19th October 2022

The Team Behind the Scenes

Get a peek behind the curtain before we open the doors to the new Maternity Hospital.

Belfast Trust is looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming in expectant mums to the new Maternity Hospital.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing the team behind the scenes who are making the new Maternity Hospital possible. The first team member we are profiling is Paul Russell.

Paul has been working in the Royal Jubilee Maternity Service since February 1988. He began work as an anaesthetic technician and is now the Principal Critical Care Scientist and provides the maternity team with expert knowledge on medical devices.

“I have been involved in the new Maternity Hospital project since the initial design stage where I was involved with the room and theatre layouts. My role is to provide expert advice on medical devices and the use of medical gases.

“Once the building is handed over to the Trust, I will be working with the commissioning team training staff in the use of any new equipment. I will be focusing on how we use pendants in Neonatology and ensure that all staff are familiar with our protocols around the use of medical gases throughout the building

“Graham Bam have allowed the multidisciplinary team from the Neonatal unit into the new hospital so we could position all our life support equipment into one of our new Neonatal rooms. This has allowed us to review our processes and ensure that all equipment is positioned correctly to support the delivery of safe care. As part of the exercise, we used a Simm Baby. The Simm Baby looks and sounds like a real baby, this was important to the team not just as a training tool but to ensure that we keep the baby and their family at the centre of the care we provide.”