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Celebrating Success of Communication Passport Project

23rd June 2023

In a celebration of inclusivity and effective communication, adults with learning disabilities, along with their dedicated staff, gathered to celebrate their participation in a Communication Passport Project. The event coincides with the end of Learning Disability Week and was organised by the Learning Disability Speech and Language Therapy team. It helps mark a significant milestone in promoting person-centered care and enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing complex communication challenges.

Communication Passports, hailed as a practical and person-centered approach, provide a vital channel for sharing key information about individuals with profound communication difficulties, who may struggle to express themselves verbally. These passports are instrumental in ensuring that their unique needs, preferences, and important details are effectively communicated and understood by caregivers, professionals, and support networks. It is worth noting that the use of Communication Passports is one of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s 5 Good Communication Standards.

The 5 Good Communication Standards help you enhance your communication skills and promote an inclusive communication environment for everyone. By promoting these standards you can positively impact the lives of individuals with a learning disability and communication difficulties.

The event serves as an important occasion for participants to reflect upon their individual journeys and the transformative impact that Communication Passports have had on their lives. Through the diligent efforts of the Learning Disability Speech and Language Therapy team, barriers to communication have been steadily dismantled, paving the way for enhanced social inclusion, meaningful connections, and greater self-advocacy for those who face considerable communication challenges.

As part of this event adults with learning disability helped to bust the myth that people with a learning disability can’t communicate by sharing how they communicate in a speech bubble competition. Their inspiring entries will be on display at the event and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Staff and service users who attended the event celebrating the success of the communication passport.

Belfast Trust’s Learning Disability Speech and Language Therapy team are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals at high risk of experiencing communication barriers and the subsequent negative outcomes. By nurturing a supportive environment and utilising innovative approaches, they have championed the rights of individuals with communication difficulties, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs met.

This project underscores the profound impact that dedicated professionals and collaborative initiatives, with service users at the heart, can have. Through continued efforts and support, it is hoped that more individuals will benefit from this remarkable project, removing communication barriers and unlocking the full potential of those with complex communication difficulties.