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Neurodiversity Celebration Week marked with events for children and parents

26th March 2024

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service put on a series of events to promote relaxation, bonding and self-care.

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing service put together four separate events with specific focuses facilitated by the team and Artist in Residence, Beth McComish.

The week kicked off with a Mindful massage workshop for children aged five to seven years old and their parent or care giver learn simple massage techniques through story-telling. The aim of the workshop was to celebrate the strengths of the children, parents, and caregivers that use our service by empowering them with the acquisition of massage skills that are easily accessible to different minds, ages and abilities.

As part of the services ongoing 12 week Sleep Support Programme, they brought together parents of neuro-diverse children to offer peer support as they make changes to improve their child’s sleep routines. As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the session explored content created by neuro-diverse people in order to help other’s understand how they experience the world. We will also discuss the importance of self-care for carers and take some time to complete a compassion-focused mindfulness exercise.

Later in the week, the team hosted a Self-Care & Relaxation session for parents to wind down and relax. Self-care is an essential part of maintaining our physical, emotional and mental health. This event was a great opportunity to help parents and care givers focus on their well-being, relax and promote self-reflection. This was delivered through activities like mindfulness, meditation and self-care tips.

Finishing off the week was the Little Hearts, Minds and Bodies event for parents and children under five. The event was about celebrating the richness that having different ways of thinking about and being in the world can bring to our lives. This session was delivered by Artist in Residence, Beth McComish as parents and children were able to express themselves through art.

Below is a gallery of photos from the Helping Us Grow event and the Little Hearts, Minds and Bodies event.